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The eye is kept moist by the tear film which is constantly produced.  Tears have many functions including cleaning and lubrication, protection from infection, transport, and providing a smooth surface to see through.   Despite being thin, tears have three different layers:  an inner mucous layer that binds the tear to the eye, a  middle watery layer for transport, and an outer oil layer to prevent evaporation.  If any of these layers has a problem, your eyes may blur, become red, feel gritty, make contact lens wear uncomfortable, worsen eye allergies, and even promote an infection.  Problems with the tear film is known as Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) or Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) and affects all ages of both men and women.

To test for dryness, a painless dye is added to the tear film to allow it to be visible; tears are clear and without it, they cannot be evaluated.  In an eye with normal tears, the color of the dye appears equally across the eye whereas in an eye with insufficient tears, dry areas appear as dark streaks or spots within a few seconds.  A normal eye will have a full tear film for at least 10 seconds; anything less and the eye is drying out too quickly.  In its early stages, the eyes do benefit from lubrication drops, but if you find yourself using them frequently, or have less contact lens wearing time, call us at 913-648-2021 or click here to request an appointment with one of our doctors to test if you are developing Dry Eye Syndrome.


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